16 Top Cities to Visit and Live in New York
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People often think about New York when they imagine the magnificent highrises that make up Manhattan. However, this is only one corner of the state. The rest of the state runs northward to reach Montreal and Toronto.

There are many options when it comes to visiting and living in New York. The state, like much of northeastern New York, has a rich history. Many towns have preserved their beautiful 19th-century architecture without being a burden to the natural environment.

New York City is a must-see for travelers. They should also explore the Empire State’s many charming towns and cities with others.

16. Kingston

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Nestled in the Hudson Valley is Kingston, home to around 35,000 residents and an active arts community which has helped change the direction of the city. New York’s first capital, Kingston. It is today a vibrant downtown and one of America’s most renowned art cities.

In the 19th century, Kingston was an active river port. It is still a beautiful place with a rich history. However, there are many attractions for visitors and locals. The river can be explored by cruise, Trolley Museum, Trolley Museum, Hudson River Maritime Museum or the Performing Arts Center.

15. Poughkeepsie

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Poughkeepsie, located in the Hudson Valley’s heartland is an historic city. Poughkeepsie is located approximately two hours away from New York City. Its charm can be explained best by its beautiful streets and homes, as well the swift Hudson River.

The Hudson Valley is a favorite destination for city-slickers who want to travel locally and move indefinitely. Poughkeepsie is at the heart of all this, providing a wide range of activities for everyone who visits. There are many great restaurants in the downtown, as well as pubs and museums.

14. Garden City

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Garden City, located just east of Manhattan is often forgotten by people who want to visit New York City. Garden City is located near Brooklyn, Long Island. This provides both locals as well as tourists with an ideal balance of suburban and big-city life.

Garden City is known for its many tree-lined streets, which provide shade to rows of charming Tudor and Colonial houses. Shop at Roosevelt Field Regional Mall, the country’s largest mall, or enjoy nearby parks and country clubs. Manhattan, Long Island’s wineries and restaurants are also within reach.

13. Woodstock

Woodstock Dreamstime

Woodstock, a beautiful small town that is still associated with this famous festival but it actually took place 65 miles away from Woodstock, has been influenced by big cities. Woodstock is a quiet place where many people move from larger cities to live in peace and tranquility.

You will find shops and cafes in the “downtown”, as well as delicious restaurants. The town is surrounded by farms and mountains. Young families will need to find other things to do than what they can find in the town. Those who are willing to go will enjoy adventures at the Aesopus, on hiking trails or in nearby ski resorts.

12. Cooperstown

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Cooperstown, despite only being home to around 2000 people, is one of New York’s most well-known cities. Cooperstown was the birthplace of America’s national pastime, baseball, and it was there that it was created in 1939. Travelers today come in large numbers from all over the world to see the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Visitors will be impressed by the history and charm of this small village, as well as its old architecture and leafy streets. The town is quiet and beautiful. Because it relies on tourism for its income, the atmosphere changes with the seasons. It’s a great place to have fun in the summer and quieter winters.

11. Binghamton

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Binghamton, located near the Pennsylvania border in Southern New York is one of our favorite places to call home. If you haven’t visited yet, make sure to check out Spiedie or Rib Pit for the best spiedie sandwiches.

Binghamton residents have one of the lowest metro areas of New York, and students are able to make full use of high-end elementary and secondary school tuition.

Visitors and residents alike will enjoy the unique aspects of Binghamton’s life, including its status as the Carousel Capital of the World. Six antique carousels are found here, which you will find just as stunning as you would imagine.

10. Buffalo

Buffalo(c) Dreamstime

Buffalo, located on the shores of Lake Erie is the second largest city in New York. The city is known for its great food, including Buffalo wings. It also has a vibrant waterfront area that has been redeveloped and transformed into the heart of local life.

Buffalo is not just a stop along the road to Niagara Falls. Enjoy a vibrant downtown with delicious chicken wings and a growing craft beer scene. Art galleries, architecture, and other attractions are all within easy reach. You can also join the locals at the famous tailgate for a Buffalo Bills match or see the Sabres shave the ice in National Hockey League.

All this is possible for residents, as well as access to nearby hiking and skiing trails. It’s also a lower cost of living than New York City.

9. Rochester

Rochester(c) Shutterstock

Rochester, located in the northern New York city of Rochester, is an amalgamation of the past and the future. Although residents have lived for many years in the suburbs of Rochester, life is moving inward and providing an energy boost to the growing downtown.

Many of the original structures of the inner city have been preserved, including rows of buildings from 19th- and 20th-century. They are now home to bars, shops and restaurants while former factory buildings have been transformed into lofts.

Tourists and residents alike will be entertained by the many parks and festivals, as well as minor league baseball, amusement parks and other entertainment options. The quality of the local education system and high quality of life is just one reason to stay put.

8. Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls(c) Dreamstime

Niagara Falls is a stunning natural wonder that can be found right next to you. The 150,000 gallons per second of water falling off the Niagara Falls cliff is enough to draw tourists. Family-friendly fun and the surrounding attractions are just the cherry on top.

Beyond the falls, there are many things to do for residents. Niagara Falls offers all you could want, while its diverse surroundings offer a wonderful lifestyle for couples or families.

Residents have easy access to Buffalo and Toronto, which are both within an hour’s drive.

7. Albany

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New York’s capital city is a great place to live. Although it may not be as well-known as Manhattan, the state capital of New York offers a balanced way of living and beautiful surroundings.

Albany residents have the opportunity to take advantage of many local amenities, including the Hudson River boat ride and leafy parks. They are a vital part of the strong local economy, even when they’re not having fun.

Visitors to this beautiful capital should visit its historic downtown. It is home to Empire State Plaza and the New York State Museum. The Adirondack Mountains are also at your doorstep.

6. Syracuse

Syracuse(c) Dreamstime

Syracuse is one of the most snow-prone cities in New York. The Upstate is the subject of many weather jokes, so it’s not surprising that they are the main character in these jokes. Syracuse receives over 120 inches of snow annually. But for the locals, it is a great tradeoff as there are strong community cultures and amazing outdoor activities.

Once the skis have been put away you can go kayaking or boating in the local lakes. You can hike the trails in the woods and have a great adventure no matter what time it is. People who move to Syracuse weave quickly into the fabric of the area, including supporting Syracuse University’s sports teams and bleeding orange.

5. Lake Placid

Lake Placid(c) Dreamstime

Lake Placid is a great place to escape the hustle and bustle of big cities. The mountains roll over the landscape like waves, and the lake sparkles in the summer sunlight. Lake Placid is peaceful. The tranquility of Lake Placid is great for both residents and travelers.

You can stroll the charming shops and thrift stores lined streets in the summer months. You can sit on patios to enjoy seasonal produce, before you wander along the shore of Mirror Lake.

It was however, skiing that put Lake Placid on top. It has been host to two Winter Olympics. You can swap your hiking boots for skis when the snow starts to fall and go up Whiteface Mountain.

4. Montauk

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Montauk, located on the shores of Long Island Sound is a beautiful place, particularly in warmer months. You’ll soon find yourself outdoors with half-a dozen state parks, miles upon miles of coastline, and the finest golf courses in the area.

Montauk is a town with an older-time charm. It boasts historic lighthouses and incredible scenery, as well as 19th-century homes. Montauk’s lighthouse is still in use today. The cliffs plunge into the Atlantic without any fear and the community has kept its fishing heritage.

It’s this plus more that draws people to the East End. You will find great beer breweries, delicious dining, and a fun atmosphere that hosts outdoor concerts, events and nightlife.

3. Saratoga Springs

Saratoga Springs(c) Shutterstock

Saratoga Springs, also known as Spa City is a tourist spot that can be used to provide a place for families. The oldest racing track in America, an historic performing arts centre and natural beauty will make it a paradise for outdoor lovers.

The springs are a major attraction for both locals and tourists to Saratoga Springs. Legends about the healing properties of the springs have been told for centuries, leading to an increase in tourism during 19th-century. You can now enjoy the attraction in one of several spas around the area, such as the Saratoga Springs Spa State Park.

2. Ithaca

Ithaca c) Shutterstock

Ithaca, a progressive city on the southern shores of Cayuga Lake is a favorite among creatives and students. Ithaca College and Cornell are two of the strong institutions that offer higher education and culture. The rich arts scene is a great way to bring together all of the community.

The town is charming, but not sleepy. Ithaca, as charming and vibrant as it is, has a lot to offer. There are many great hiking trails within the vicinity of Ithaca, from the stunning galleries to the chic cafes.

You will find a variety of local festivals and a wine trail that you can follow. Paddleboarding is possible at nearby lakes. On rainy days, the museums in the area will entertain you.

1. New York City

New York City(c) Dreamstime

It doesn’t take much to introduce the Big Apple. The Statue of Liberty and Central Park are just a few of its many attractions. It is also home to the New York Yankees. New York City is a city that has transcended everything else in pop culture to become a major destination for tourists.

New York City is home to many different parts. Five boroughs include Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the Bronx. Each borough offers a different perspective on NYC. Manhattan and DUMBO are two of the top spots for tourists to visit, with their amazing cuisines and towering skyscrapers.

It’s much easier for people who want to live in New York City than in Manhattan.

Map of New York Cities to Visit and Live in


– Upper East Side, Manhattan. “Upper East Side, New York” (CC BY-ND 2.0) by bernc29.
– West Village, Manhattan.
– Gramercy, Manhattan.
– Astoria, Queens.
– Sunnyside, Queens.
– Rockaway, Queens.
– Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn.
– Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

– West Village, Manhattan.
– Fieldston, Bronx.
– Park Slope, Brooklyn.
– Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn.
– SoHo, Manhattan.
– Forest Hill, Queens.
– Mott Haven, Bronx.
– Silver Lake, Staten Island.

– New York City. Sunset over New York City.
– Lake Placid. Adirondack chairs on the shore of Mirror Lake, Lake Placid.
– Buffalo. McKinley Monument on Niagara Square in Buffalo.
– Ithaca. View over Cornell University in Ithaca.
– Saratoga Springs.
– Rochester.
– Niagara Falls.
– Syracuse.

Lake Placid Technically more of a village than a city, Lake Placid is perhaps the most beautiful town in New York State.22-Mar-2022

– Times Square.
– Empire State Building.
– Statue of Liberty.
– Central Park.
– Fifth Avenue.
– New York Grand Central Terminal Station.
– Chinatown.
– The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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